The Sin of Silence

a message to American pastors and their congregations
Dr. Laurence White 

(excerpts from an address delivered September 6, 2000)

Gazing intently into the eyes of the young people in front of him, he began.¬† “For you,” he said, “today is a day like any other day but it is an extremely important and painful day for me.” Silence fell over the room and the students noticed that as the old gentleman spoke, tears were streaming down his face. This uncharacteristic display of emotion stunned the student body and riveted their attention.

“Today is November the 9th” he continued “the 50th anniversary of “Kristal Nacht,” the Night of the Broken Glass. On this day in 1938, Nazi thugs moved through the cities of Germany smashing the windows of German homes and shops, burning the synagogues. Innocent people; men, women and children were beaten and killed simply because they were Jews.

“I was there as a young man,” he sobbed, “and I can still hear the sound of the shattering glass. Continue reading